The objective of the course is the study and understanding of international organisations and other intergovernmental institutions active in the Mediterranean area, focusing on the institutional aspects of the Euro-Mediterranean partnership (Union for the Mediterranean, EU-Mediterranean Free Trade Zone (Euromed-FTA), European Heritage Programme (Euromed Heritage), 5+5 Process), the Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe and its partnership with the Mediterranean countries (OSCE Mediterranean Partners), NATO and its Mediterranean Dialogue (NATO’s Mediterranean Dialogue), the Council of Europe, the Arab League, the Arab Maghreb Union, UNEP’s Mediterranean Action Plan and the General Fisheries Commission for the Mediterranean. The lectures will focus on the systematic analysis of participation in these organisations and institutions, on their institutional structure and the actions they carry out in the Mediterranean area. Particular emphasis will be placed on critically examining the achievements, challenges and prospects of the above organisations and institutions as well as their contribution to the political, economic, social and cultural aspects of cooperation between the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

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