Instructor: John Sakkas

Course description:

The course examines the role of the Great Powers in the region and their various antagonisms among themselves and with the local societies. Emphasis is given on the colonial expansion and rule until the middle of the twentieth century, when nationalist uprisings and movements gave rise to independent post-colonial states in North Africa and the Middle East. The course focuses on developments after the First World War such as the rise of fascism in Italy, the Spanish civil war, the rise of Arab nationalism, decolonization and the Cold War. It also examines the rise of the political Islam and the Arab Spring.

Course Text:

  • David Abulafia (ed.), The Mediterranean in History (London and New York, 2003)
  • Carpentier, F. Lebrun (eds), Histoire de la Méditerranée (Paris, 2003)
  • A. Nouschi, La Méditeranée au 20e siècle (2003)