Mediterranean Research Unit

Τhe Mediterranean Research Unit (MRU) was formed in early 2016 and is based within the Department of Mediterranean Studies. It is consisted of:

  • the nine members of staff in the postgraduate programme “Governance, Development and Security in the Mediterranean” (Faculty of Humanities of the Aegean University, Greece)
  • D. and post-doctorate researchers associated with the programme.
  • Affiliated Members

MRU aims at:

  • producing new and critical knowledge about the complex social, political, cultural and security-related dynamics that are unfolding in the Mediterranean and Middle East region,
  • linking the region and its peoples to broader developments in world affairs,
  • working together with renowned research institutions, universities and training organizations in order to carry out research relating to the EU and its relations with the Mediterranean and Middle East region,
  • enhancing the southern European perspective within EU debates and the European perspective within Greece.

Particular emphasis is given on research excellence and innovation and on the dissemination of the project findings to relevant stakeholders, including policy-makers, social partners and civil society organizations in Europe and third countries.


Broad in scope, MRU brings together the various areas of disciplinary expertise in international relations, comparative politics, conflict studies, law and modern history. It is co-editor of the journal Études Helléniques/Hellenic Studies published by the Centre for Hellenic Studies and Research in Canada.


  • Development, Security, Inter- and Intra-Regional Political and Economic Relations, Human Rights, Migration, Religion and Politics, Intercultural Dialogue and History.

MRU’S REGIONAL AREAS OF RESEARCH:                          

  • The wider area of the Mediterranean and the Middle East.

1. Members of Staff, Department of Mediterranean Studies

Ioannis Seimenis
Panagiotis Tsakonas
Konstantinos Magliveras
Ioannis Sakkas
Charalambos Tsardanides
Vivi Kefala
Panagiota Manoli
Sotiris Dalis
Ioannis Stribis

2. Associate Researchers and their field expertise

Stamatia Volou: Energy as a factor of shaping foreign policy.
Georgios Diakides: Bank system and the development of Greek tourism.
Triantafyllos Karatrantos: EU policies relating to climate change.
Agapitos Xanthos: International Relations and Tourist Development.
Alina Louzidi: International Relations and Tourist Development.
Ioannis Vichos: Russian strategy in the Black Sea.
Dimitris Tsamos: Greek-British relations and the issue of the Straits in the interwar period.
Michalis Kavouklis: The legal and political role of the peripheral zones free of weapons of mass destruction.
Katerina Chatziantoniou: Illegal migration to the EU.
Filio Kyprizoglou: Ways of treating migration in the Aegean islands.

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